He’s absolutely a phenomenal drummer. I am forever thankful to have performed with him.”

Thank you Esteban!!!

Chris Mitchell
National Saxaphonist

Phenomenal Drummer

Quality human being.  Total pro.  When you don’t notice him, it’s because he’s playing exactly what needs to be played.  When you do notice him, it’s because it’s exactly the right time for that to happen.  He cares about the details, and that’s what you want in a drummer.  Somebody who notices little details that will make your band step when it needs to step, roll when it needs to roll, and knock you out when it needs to knock you out.  As a bass player, I absolutely love playing with Esteban.  As a fellow drummer myself, I can honestly say the gigs I play with him are the only times I truly can stop thinking and just let the music happen.  He’s my drummer!  If you need a real musician back there… he’s definitely your guy.

-Matt Bennet (Mix Party Band and Brian Green Band)

Esteban can flat out play, any style, any situation

From jazz, to rock, to fusion, he is able to help students learn a variety of drumming styles which is an important factor for any drummer – from beginning to advanced –  looking to become as proficient as possible.

I found that his teaching methods are approachable and fun, and take into consideration a student’s current level, working upon that to make lessons valuable, and most importantly, extremely useful in taking a student’s drumming to an even higher level.”

– Richard Walker

Esteban is a very versatile drummer and is versed in many styles

Esteban perfectly balances kindness and firmness with our 8-year-old-son and is helping to create a strong foundation for him to learn and love music. Esteban mixes core skills using the practice pad and playing skills on the drum set just right, so my son never gets bored. His choice of books and homework assignments are thoughtful and reinforces the lessons at home. He is always organized and on time and is flexible with our busy family schedule, even doing lessons via Facetime in a pinch, which has worked out great and keeps the learning momentum going. He’s a great role model in addition to a great teacher, and we feel lucky to have found him.

-Chris and Melissa Cable

Esteban is as talented a teacher as he is a drummer!

Esteban’s contribution and influence on my casino/dance/party band band has been, and continues to be, very significant. He is both a good collaborator, and is someone who happily accepts assignments, and he always adds a mood of positivity and professionalism to rehearsals and performances. The type of material we play requires considerable versatility, and he confidently and precisely adapts to each style, and seems to understand the context of the drums as they pertain to each song. When given the chance to improvise, or showcase his skills in a solo, he comes up with something interesting, entertaining, and appropriate every time. In short, Esteban is an ideal person to work with and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional drummer.

-Jeffrey Heiser

Esteban is an ideal person to work with, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional drummer.

He brings the best out of every musician he plays with. His technique is impeccable but it always services the groove and the song. He has been my go to drummer for years because of his work ethic and how easy he is to work with. He constantly pushes me to be a better musician.

-Morgan Wick
Sense of Gravity and Solo Artist

Esteban is an incredible drummer!

He’s one of the best drummers in Seattle, he’s professional, he’s prepared, he does his homework, and he makes any band he’s working with sound great! He has it all – musical training, chops, professional attitude, good stage image and he plays at the highest level and is a musician’s musician. If you need a professional drummer hire him!

-Carson Farley

Esteban Roybal is a joy to play with!

Esteban’s attitude is always A+ and he is ALWAYS on time, usually early. As far as his equipment is concerned, he has top notch, good looking gear that he takes great pride in keeping maintained to the highest degree. Now for the best part, Esteban is easily one of the finest drummers in the West. Esteban can play a wide variety of music Perfectly. He practices all the material to perfection, staying true to all aspects of the song, yet can extend a song on a whim, at all keeping the groove with the band.

-Brian Green (Brian Green Band)

I have never had a more pleasurable experience when it comes to employing a drummer

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